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These 20' and 40' High Cube Storage Containers are a great solution for your storage needs. Their watertight design ensures your items stay dry and safe, and the durable construction guarantees it will last for years. With their generous dimensions, they are the ideal choice for long-term storage.


There are 2 different types of containers we provide, New and One-Trip. "New" storage containers are brand new, never loaded with cargo.  The condition will be in tip-top shape.  Minimal to no scratching, dents or discoloration (although, we cannot promise no wear and tear during transport) "One-trip" containers have been loaded with cargo one time before reaching its final destination (the storage yard).  The condition of the container is in like-new condition, only minor scratches, dings and minimal rusting. Other types and configurations such as "used" and "open-sided", available upon request.

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All storage container prices are subject to change without notice and do not include sales tax or delivery.  Please contact us for a quote on sales tax and delivery right to your door!

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